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Advance Weight Monitoring Solutions
Under the regulations set forth by Transport General Authority, all heavy vehicles are to be equipped with a GPS tracking device along with weight sensors. Our Advanced Weight Monitoring solution incorporates the latest IoT devices to ensure that all regulations are met.
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Weight Monitoring Solutions
Solutions by Tracking offers the latest internet devices for weight control to ensure compliance with all regulations set by (TGA).
orange arrow Weight Monitoring on live Tracking.
orange arrow Weight related reports.
orange arrow User controls with roles.
orange arrow Geofence management.
Admin Portal

With our weight monitoring solution, you can monitor the weight and voltages of load of your heavy vehicles. With weight monitoring, With help of weight sensors, you can easily track the loading and unloading/dumping of the goods.

feature arrow Display weight readings on live tracking.
feature arrow Display of weight reading on live tracking report.
feature arrow Interlocked with the main lift controls, our solution will physically prevent overloading decks (within preset parameters).
feature arrow Our solution allows you to ensure a safe load distribution (keeping the center of gravity within safe boundaries) and guarantees that maximum overall payload is not exceeded.
feature arrow Seamlessly measures payload during the loading cycle of double-deck trailers.
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Weight related Reports
feature arrow Track data report with weight & load voltages details..
feature arrow Loading/dumping report.
feature arrow Exportable reports in different formats (Excel,CSV,XML,PDF).
User control with roles
feature arrow Customized role with desired screens.
feature arrow Can create sub users with different specific roles.
feature arrow Gives you the feature to control access of your sub users.
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Geofence Management
feature arrow Easily draw the area of ​​the geographical space.
feature arrow With each vehicle movement, the system checks if any of the vehicles exited outside the geographical fence within which movement is permitted.
feature arrow When a vehicle exits outside the geographical fence specified for it, the system shows alerts on the map indicating the existence of a violation that has been recorded.
Why this solution? Our solution provides an intuitive and user-friendly Admin Panel, giving you full control over your car rental operations. From managing vehicle inventory to tracking reservations and generating insightful reports, our Admin Panel streamlines your management processes, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your rental business.