Camel Tracking Tracking Standard Collar Models
Tracking collar uses GPS for positioning and the Iridium satellite system for data upload and reprogramming (two-way communication). The unit comes with a unique combined system of both primary and auxiliary solar charged batteries. The unit is available in two models either the StandardOne, a flexible single compartment "hang under the neck" unit or the StandardTwo, a two ­compartment unit with GPS and solar charging placed on top and battery compartment under the neck.
Available battery configurations for Standard One is 2A, lC and 2D cells and for the StandardTwo model a battery configuration of either 1D or 2D cells. The unit is currently one of the most advanced tracking solutions on the market especially its unique combination of primary and rechargeable batteries with seamless transition between power supply. This allows for the benefits of solar charging even under conditions that prevent the full power demand being met by solar.
In addition to GPS location and telemetry beacons it includes continuous on-board behavioral monitoring via tri-axis accelerometer linked to automated alarm functions and email alerts for mortality or abnormal behavior alerts. The unit contains an integrated RF beacon that can be activated to work with our human-wildlife conflict alert system or be used as a backup telemetry signal.
Specs Position acquisition GPS for positions with user defined averaging function
Activity recording 12-bit Tri-axis accelerometer
Communications Two-way communication via Iridium
Iridium Links Worldwide Coverage
Data Access Internet based downloading via the free accompanying Tracking data manager software. Automated Google Earth links for visualization and phone APP access via APP
Telemetry location Two independent transmitters, one VHF and one UHF transmitter (user defined frequencies: VHF 140- 173 MHz. UHF 433 450 MHz)
Lifespan and Weight Depending on Model and battery configuration. 2A 1C to 2D cell collar @ 350g-900 g. 2D cell battery @ 24 pos/day and 4 uploads 3+ years
Geo-Fencing Fully user definable geo fencing allowing for point, line and polygon fences and automated SMS alarms in case of zone violation.
Mortality alarms Automated alarms in case of ACC detected mortality
HEC system RF beacon for integration with the LionShield HWC alarm system (see separate information sheet)
The collars are supplied with different primary battery configurations typically ranging from 2A to 2D- cells, belting size typically 40mm-50mm, 4-6 ply. We are happy to make any specific adjustments to suit your preference and specific project needs.
The GPS can be programmed for recording position at fixed intervals allowing for general daily on/off periods. The user can further define the period of GPS averaging allowing for either averaged, high accuracy positioning or fast, less accurate energy saving positioning. The power supply is dual primary and solar rechargeable. Changes between solar and primary batteries happen seamlessly without any change or interruption to the data collection.
StandardOne 1C cell 350 gram Suitable for e.g. Sand Gazelle
Standard Two 2D cell, 750 gram suitable for e.g. Oryx
Mortality alarms A 12-bit tri-axis accelerometer is evaluated in real time by the collar and activity patterns suggesting unusual behavior or mortality can be linked to an automated alarm message which contains current location, type of alarm and Google map link. This information is sent via email by the server to a list of user defined contacts. Hence shortly after an animal has stopped moving or started behaving in an unusual way the user can be alerted automatically with an alarm containing the animal's current position and type of alarm trigger.
Two telemetry beacon options are included in the unit. A fully independent, always on, VHF transmitter with separate power supply provides a true back-up for telemetry-based location. In addition, the unit has an integrated UHF transmitter. This transmitter can be programmed both in terms of on/off periods and transmitter strength even after deployment. The UHF transmitter is further part of the ACC based alarm system where mortality detection will trigger the UHF transmitter as well as work with our human wildlife conflict deterrent system.
Full two-way communication allows for data downloading and uploading of new data collection configuration. All communication is done via the free accompanying data manager software (SDM). Uploading of new configurations is done via an easy interface of dropdown menus for parameter settings. General data management capabilities allow for addition of auxiliary information to the GPS data (age, sex, species etc) and general querying and export of data in different formats (csv, kmz, shp). Visualization and animated replaying of the data is done in Google Earth via network linked kmz files.
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