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Container Tracking Solution
Incorporating the latest smart technology, our Container Tracking solution is safety-focused, with a proven track record amongst various use cases.
feature arrow Live tracking
feature arrow Tracking/weight Related Reports
feature arrow Temperature & humidity monitoring
feature arrow Door safety control
feature arrow Alerts for vehicle & container safety
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Elevate Your Business with Container Tracking
With our container tracking solution, you can monitor the weight of assets and temperature/humidity within the container. With door sensors, you can keep the locks of containers safe.
orange arrow Live monitoring of your container in real time
orange arrow Tracking data report and Loading/dumping reports
orange arrow Real time values of weight and load voltages
orange arrow Tracking data report and Loading/dumping reports
orange arrow Door sensors & buzzer to secure containers
orange arrow Green driving alerts, temperature/humidity alerts & geofences alerts
Tracking/Weight related Reports
feature arrow Track data report with weight & load voltages details
feature arrow Geofences events in rule trigger report
feature arrow Loading/dumping report
feature arrow Exportable reports in different formats (Excel,CSV,XML,PDF)
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Live tracking
orange arrow Live monitoring with container weight reading
orange arrow Geofence arrival/departure push notifications
Temperature & Humidity Control
feature arrow Display temperature & humidity readings on live tracking
feature arrow Display of temperature & humidity reading on live tracking report
feature arrow Rule for specific range of temperature & humidity
feature arrow Customer notifies through email & desktop notification whenever temperature & humidity across the set limit
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Door safety controls
orange arrow Door sensor that detect the opening/closing to door of fleet
orange arrow Panic buttons are attached instead the fleet for drivers to indicate emergency events
orange arrow Related buzzer & door alerts are generated as emails & desktop notifications events
Alerts for vehicle & container safety
feature arrow Keep an eye on the driver’s behavior, access, and sudden breaks, needless accelerations, and so on
feature arrow Keeping track of the driver’s behavior will help you reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance of the vehicles
feature arrow Alerts are shown to users in the form of pop up & emails
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