Who are we? Tracking is a regional-based Technology company focusing mainly on the Transport industry to equip them with all technological tools & equipment. Global Tracking Solutions is our flagship brand available on iOS & Android Stores. Tracking is offering new-generation Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions with the concept of Global Products & Local Solutions. We have recently incorporated IoT Devices which will now provide various forms of latest tracking to our industry.
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Our Vision
The precise corporate vision of Tracking is to become one of the performance management leaders locally, regionally, and internationally and to have one of the world’s best platforms IoT market. Our target markets in the foreseeable future are scaling across the world, with globalizing partnerships and strategic alliances. We are focused on upgrading systems around and introducing different management solutions.
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MEET OUR CEO Mr. Asim Jamil Within the short span of time since our incorporation, Mr. Asim Jamil has transformed the company and restructured its whole structure. As a Business Consultant & Advisory Board Member to various startups, Mr. Asim Jamil enables them to reform their business models and get connected to the right growth network. He took over as co-Founder & CEO in October 2020 and transformed the company vision from Tracking to IoT. His negotiation, operation management, procurement, international business, and business development skills have made TRACKING an industry leader. For the first time in Saudi Arabia, we partnered with Chinese technology for buying out the IP rights and local manufacturing of the tracking devices. New Solutions like Fuel Tracking, School Tracking, Waste Management Tracking, Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, Dashcams and Oil Tracking were incorporated among other offerings. Additionally, Asim has enabled Tracking to emerge as an accredited telematics provider, with certified solutions under Governmental bodies including Transport General Authority (TGA), Naqaba, Jeddah Amanah & Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). Inscribing their position as the pioneer manufacturers of Tracking devices in Saudi Arabia, Tracking signed off with a local manufacturing facility for local hardware production. Under leadership of Asim, we also recently made part of membership in “Made in Saudi”, underlying Saudi Vision 2030 to position the country at the forefront of locally produced non-oil products in the global market.
Government Accredited Solutions We provide tailored solutions that are accredited for implementation by relevant Saudi Government Authorities. This includes approved solutions under: image of government authorities

Our Customers

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Our Partners

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