Fleet Management Solution | Saudi Arabia
Fleet Management Solution
TRACKING offers a wide range of features to help businesses efficiently manage their fleets of vehicles. Our fleet management solutions help businesses keep track of their fleet, their maintenance and all fleet related reporting. Our fleet management solution has the following features.
feature arrow Live tracking.
feature arrow Multi Tracking.
feature arrow Fleet reports.
feature arrow Maintenance module.
feature arrow Geofence management.
feature arrow RFID feature to enhance safety of fleet.
feature arrow MDVR & alerts related to driver behavior.
RFID Functionality
feature arrow RFID technology enables automatic and accurate data capture of items being loaded onto or unloaded from trucks, eliminating the need for manual scanning and data entry.
feature arrow RFID tags help verify that the correct items are being loaded or unloaded by matching the items against the shipment order, reducing errors and discrepancies.
feature arrow RFID systems can enhance security by restricting access to loading and unloading areas to authorized personnel with RFID badges or cards, improving control over the process.
feature arrow RFID provides real-time visibility into the movement of goods, enabling tracking and monitoring of the loading and unloading process to ensure efficiency and timely deliveries.
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Live Tracking
Display the current location of the fleet on the map and Different colors show different statues of the fleet. Along with the current location on a map, other information i.e. driver, asset name, speed, and odometer reading will be visible too. AAll set alerts i.e. Overspeeding, ignition on/off, harsh braking, etc can be seen with time & date as pop-ups and Immobilizing & demobilizing the fleet by sending commands.
Fleet Reports Different fleet reports like fleet summary report, fleet maintenance report and vehicle performance report. Exportable reports in different formats.
Theft Control Remotely turning on the engine through portal or mobile app. Remotely turning off the engine through portal or mobile app.
Geofence Management Easily draw the area of ​​the geographical space. With each vehicle movement, the system checks if any of the vehicles exited outside the geographical fence within which movement is permitted. When a vehicle exits outside the geographical fence specified for it, the system shows alerts on the map indicating the existence of a violation that has been recorded. Along with desktop notifications, user will also get push notifications on app as well.
Elevate Your Business
feature arrow Live location of fleet along with other data from tracker.
feature arrow Live location of all the fleet on separate maps on same screen.
feature arrow All reports related to fleet, sensors & alerts in exportable format.
feature arrow Remotely turn on/off ignition through portal & app.
feature arrow keep track of all maintenance done in fleet.
feature arrow specific areas can be defined for vehicles.
feature arrow can be used to keep track of trucks loading and unloading.
feature arrow Cameras to be installed within vehicles to monitor driver activities.
MDVRs and Alerts Related to Driver Behavior Live videos of driver & vehicle through installed MDVRs. Live video alerts of driver behavior i.e using phone or smoking. Mobile V-app to access live videos of MDVRs.
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