Smart Metering Smart meter control management with advanced facilities.
Tracking Smart Meter control management system is invented by tracking after years of terminal and product Research and development (R&D) It experiences centralized meter reading application and the system is composed of main parts like communication network and sales station which is used for data collection, storage and transmission
Water Meter Tracking water meter remote analyzes the water level in certain places. Tracking remote’s material is made of brass with flow profile sensitivity of U10/D5 within working temperature of -20 ~ 75 ℃.
Smart Parking In city life during the crowded time of population growth. Tracking smart parking will completely control and manage the Identification of vehicles and will provide the access to the parking areas and enforcement that is required.
Smart Facilities The tracking smart facilities are assets, security, lighting and access.
Smart Environment It Monitors the Air-Quality, Weather disasters, Traffic noise and Public hazard by using IoT environmental monitoring solutions.
Smart Security Integrated Tracking city security management uses its resources and enables to make sure public safety and track threats.
Smart Waste Tracking use its resources and changes the ordinary waste containers to smart data driven ones which will give real-time interaction feeds for cleaning solid and waste activity.
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