Driver Management Solution | Saudi Arabia
Driver Management Solution
TRACKING offers a wide range of features to help businesses to manage their fleet drivers and to keep track of their activities. With RFIDs, you can restrict the accessibility of the fleet to specific drivers. Our driver management solution has the following features.
feature arrow Live tracking.
feature arrow Driver-related reports.
feature arrow Driver behavior module through rules.
feature arrow Route management.
feature arrow RFID feature.
With our driver management solutions, you can easily keep track of drivers that are being assigned to specific vehicles. Multiple rules can be enabled through which you can analyze driver behavior.
feature arrow Live location of the fleet along with other data from the tracker.
feature arrow All reports related to fleet, sensors & alerts are in exportable formats.
feature arrow All rules can be enabled related to driver behavior and users will get notified through desktop notifications and push notifications.
feature arrow route can be assign to specific vehicles.
feature arrow RFID feature - for driver identification & verification.
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Live Tracking Display current location of driver on the map and Display all the information of driver associated with vehicle. Along with the current location on a map, other information i.e. driver, asset name, speed, and odometer reading will be visible too. All set alerts i.e. Overspeeding, ignition on/off, harsh braking, etc can be seen with time & date as pop-ups and Different colors show different statues of the fleet.
Reports Different reports related to driver e.i login report, performance report & overtime report. Exportable reports in different formats.
Driver behavior module Rules can be configured on the driver’s behavior, access, sudden breaks, needless accelerations, and so on. Keeping track of the driver’s behavior will help you reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance of the vehicles. Alerts are shown to users in the form of pop-ups and emails.
Route management Specific routes can be created using map, geofence or history. Route can be assigned to specific vehicles and driver. Routes time & date can be defined during which route will be active.
RFID Functionality
feature arrow Driver identification & authentication using RFID cards.
feature arrow Access control of driver to vehicles using RFID cards.
feature arrow RFID technology is integrated with ignition control of vehicles.
feature arrow Automated data logging and tracking of drivers
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