Car Rental Solutions| Saudi Arabia
Advance Car Rental Solution
This car rental solution is an all-encompassing software system meticulously developed to simplify and automate multiple facets of the car rental industry. It offers a robust platform that enables seamless management of rental vehicles, reservations, customer interactions, and administrative tasks essential for running a successful car rental company. By implementing a car rental solution, businesses can effectively oversee their fleet, enhance customer service, and optimize operational efficiency.
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Rental Car Application
Experience the ultimate solution for car rental convenience! With the customer App, users can choose their vehicle upon arrival and skip the counter during pickup. Seamlessly accomplish these tasks and more right from the phone, making the car rental process incredibly hassle-free. Discover a new level of convenience with the rental car App – renting a car has never been easier!
orange arrow Users can make a reservation
orange arrow Users can make the booking
orange arrow Users can update the booking
orange arrow Users can cancel the booking
orange arrow Users will be able to get E-receipt
orange arrow Live tracking
orange arrow Users can manage profiles in addition to preferences including their vehicle, location, add-ons, protection
Admin Portal

With the Admin Panel, users can easily manage vehicle inventory, track reservations,assign reservations and monitor availability in real time. Keep a close eye on rental performance, generate insightful reports, and make data-driven decisions to maximize efficiency and profitability.

feature arrow Admin will be able to assign rides to drivers according to the reservations
feature arrow Admin will be able to manage the routes
feature arrow Admin can track trips and generate reports
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With our advanced solution using Dashcams, you can easily keep track of drivers that are being assigned to specific vehicles through live streaming. You will get the alerts whenever any event occurs i.e driver using phone or smoking alert.
Driver Portal

Our car rental solution's Driver Portal offers a range of features designed to enhance the experience for drivers. Here are some key highlights.

feature arrow Digital Check-In and Check-Out
feature arrow Real-Time Communication with the admin
feature arrow Access to Rental Details
feature arrow Support and Assistance
Why this solution? Our solution provides an intuitive and user-friendly Admin Panel, giving you full control over your car rental operations. From managing vehicle inventory to tracking reservations and generating insightful reports, our Admin Panel streamlines your management processes, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your rental business.