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Oil Tracking Solutions
TRACKING offers a wide range of features to help businesses monitor the oil and temperature levels of their tanks with the help of tracking devices and attached sensors. With the help of enabling alerting, users will be notified whenever oil and temperature crosses a specific threshold. Our oil management solution has the following features.
feature arrow Live tracking
feature arrow Oil/temperature-related reports
feature arrow Graphs
feature arrow Geofences
feature arrow Rule engine
feature arrow Fuel management module
Elevate Your Business with our Oil Tracking Solution
With our oil tracking solutions, you can easily keep track of your oil tanks along with live fuel level, oil level, and temperature values. With the help of alerts, users will get notified whenever oil/fuel/temperature values go above or less a defined threshold value.
orange arrow Live vehicle monitoring with fuel value and sensors values.
orange arrow All reports related to different sensors.
orange arrow Graphical representation of different sensors.
orange arrow Geofences to define paths for tanks.
orange arrow Rule enabling
orange arrow Fuel details & fuel consumed
Rule Engine
orange arrow Fuel increase rule - triggered when fuel goes above the set limit.
orange arrow Fuel decrease rule - triggered when fuel goes below.
orange arrow Temperature & humidity rule - triggered when values exceed from set threshold.
orange arrow Geofences rule - triggered related to geofences.
orange arrow Users will get desktop notifications, SMS, and email alerts.
Live Tracking
orange arrow Display current location of driver on the map.
orange arrow Display all the information of driver associated with vehicle.
orange arrow Different colors shows differents statues of fleet: Yellow: Idling Green: Moving Red: Ignition Off Gray: Not Reporting .
orange arrow Fuel remaining value on map.
orange arrow Sensors (Temperature & humidity) live values on live tracking.
orange arrow Track data report with fuel details.
orange arrow Fuel refilled report.
orange arrow Mileage report.
orange arrow Sensors report.
orange arrow Geofences reports.
orange arrow Exportable reports in different formats (Excel, CSV, XML, PDF) .
Fuel Management module
orange arrow Fuel details for each account.
orange arrow Fuel consumed details for assets concerning date and time.
orange arrow Reports of fuel details and fuel consumed .
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