Fleet Management Solution Fleet management solution with advanced features.
Our advanced fleet management solution enables fleet managers to get an holistic overview of all their vehicles, allowing them to manage their entire vehicle network through a single medium.
feature arrow Trip history with playback capability.
feature arrow Identification of cost-reducing factors.
feature arrow Keep records of vehicle activity for up to 30 days.
feature arrow Identify the good and bad drivers in your fleet.
Fleet Management Reduce your workload of fleet and vehicle management with our advanced tracking solutions and fleet management features. Our solutions also allows for the handling of order deliveries in a timely and efficient manner and also helps reduce vehicle maintenance costs.
Driver Challenge Resolution Help your fleet drivers overcome their challenges by allowing our solution to show them a way out of traffic, contact emergency services with a single touch of a button, and alerting them for scheduled maintenance routines.
Driver Behavior Tracking Keep an eye on the driver’s behavior, access, and sudden breaks, needless accelerations, and so on. Keeping track of the driver’s behavior will help you reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance of the vehicles. Our solution also allows for the improvement of driver performance gradually.
GPS Vehicle Tracking Track all your vehicles and assets with our live GPS vehicle tracking system. Records hours worked and hours spent behind the wheel.
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