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School Management Solutions
TRACKING is providing school management module apart from basic & advanced tracking solutions. Integrating school management features into vehicle tracking software is beneficial for educational institutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of transportation services.
feature arrow Real-Time Tracking
feature arrow Route optimization along with ETA
feature arrow Geofences
feature arrow Attendance Tracking using RFID
feature arrow Driver behaviour monitoring
feature arrow Parental access & notifications
feature arrow Custom reporting
feature arrow Integration with School management system
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Elevate Your Business with school management solution
With our school management module, you can easily track your children and their school activities. With our advance route management you can track your children route to school affectively.
orange arrow Live location of school buses
orange arrow customized boundaries around school premises & bus stops etc
orange arrow RFID cards are scanned to mark in & out from school premises & buses for students
orange arrow monitoring of driver behaviour i.e overspeeding, harsh braking etc
orange arrow tracking app access to parents where they can see live updates & notifications
orange arrow Customized reports with option to download & share
orange arrow Integration with the school's existing management system to synchronize student information, schedules etc
Real-time tracking
feature arrow Display current location of vehicles on the map
feature arrow Different colors shows differents statues of vehicles: Yellow: Idling Green: Moving Red: Ignition Off Gray: Not Reporting
feature arrow Along with current location on map, other information i.e driver, asset name, speed , odometer reading will be visible too
feature arrow For moving vehicles, user will be able to see the path of vehicles
feature arrow All set alerts i.e Over speeding, ignition on/off, harsh braking etc can be seen with time & date as pop ups
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Route optimization along with ETA Station creation for school buses Specific route creation using multiple stations Live ETA monitoring on screen installed in buses
Geofence management
feature arrow Set up virtual boundaries (geofences) around school premises, bus stops, or restricted areas. s
feature arrow Receive alerts when a bus enters or exits a defined geofenced area
feature arrow Alerts are received as desktop notifications, emails & push notifications
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MDVRs for live video & driver behavior alerts Live videos of driver & vehicle through installed MDVRs Live video alerts of driver behavior i.e using phone or smoking Mobile V-app to access live videos of MDVRs
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