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Camel Tracking Solutions
TRACKING serves not only as a simple tool to track your fleet online, but it is also providing tracking services of camels. Camel tracking features are particularly important for herders, researchers, and conservationists who want to monitor the movement, health, and behavior of camels. Here are some key features that are incorporated into camel tracking software.
feature arrow Live location by GPS Tracking
feature arrow Track movement patterns
feature arrow Health monitoring
feature arrow Camel identification
feature arrow Watering Points and Resources
feature arrow Historic data analysis
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Elevate Your Business with Camel Tracking Solution
With our camel tracking solution, you will have access to the admin portal along with mobile app with customized roles. The live monitoring along with historic data will be provided to users on both applications.
orange arrow Real time location data of camels
orange arrow History track of camels to analyze movement patterns
orange arrow Integration of sensors to monitor camel health indicators
orange arrow specific areas can be defined for camels
orange arrow RFID identification method to distinguish between individual camels
orange arrow Identification and monitoring of the water sources and grazing areas locations
orange arrow Display and analyze historical tracking data
orange arrow All tracking, history & geofences reports in exportable format
Live Location by GPS Tracking
feature arrow Camel-friendly collars or tags with long battery life and minimal interference with the animal's natural behavior
feature arrow Display the tracked animal's location on a map for easy visualization.
feature arrow Different colors shows differents statues
feature arrow Utilize GPS technology to provide real-time location data of tracked animals
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Track movement patterns Can view the movement of path step by step for any specific time period Analyze and visualize movement patterns, migration routes, and habitat use Helps to understand relationship between animal behavior and environmental factors
Health monitoring
feature arrow Integration with sensors to monitor camel health indicators such as body temperature, heart rate, and activity levels
feature arrow Receive alerts for abnormal health conditions that may indicate illness or distress
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Geofence Management Create virtual boundaries (geofences) to monitor when an animal enters or leaves a specific area Receive alerts for events such as animal movement outside of predefined zones
Camel Identification
feature arrow Uses RFID tags identification method to distinguish between individual camels
feature arrow Maintains a database of camel profiles, including age and health history
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Watering points and resources
feature arrow With our system, you can Identify and monitor the locations of water sources and grazing areas
feature arrow Optimization of routes based on the availability of resources to ensure the well-being of the camels
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Historic data analysis
feature arrow Store and analyze historical tracking data to identify trends, seasonal variations, or long-term behavioral changes
feature arrow Facilitate retrospective studies and comparisons over time
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feature arrow Generate detailed reports summarizing the animal's activity, health, and environmental conditions.
feature arrow Customize reports for different stakeholders, including researchers, wildlife managers, and policymakers
feature arrow Exportable reports in different formats (Excel,CSV,XML,PDF)
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