Cold Chain Management Cold chain management with complete control over processors.
Tracking Cold chain solutions are customize to meet the needs of cold chain logistics industry. The feasible and improper temperature is the reason why foods go to waste in the supply chain. Reputable organizations know the importance of reliable cold chain monitoring system. Keeping that in mind, Tracking innovative cold chain works systematically to provide companies complete control over its processes. Tracking provides a smooth Refrigerated production, storage and distribution activities, along with associated equipment and logistics, which maintain a desired low-temperature range.
Oil Level Monitoring Measure live oil level reading of your fleet and customers.
Security Our solution provides a security system to ensure that no one tempers with the oil levels.
Theft Alarm In case of forced removal of oil, or any kind of tempering with the product, our solution will sound alarms and send notification to all concerned parties in Saudi Arabia.
Stock Level Alerts In case the oil stocks are low or full, our solution will alert the specified personnel.
Why Our vastly experienced team of Developers, Analysts, and Solution teams are committed, passionate, and willing to be different and ready to provide tailor-made solutions to match any type of customer requirement.