Taxi Managment Solutions| Saudi Arabia
Advance Taxi Management Solution
This Taxi Management Solution is a software system created to enhance and automate different facets of taxi or ride-hailing services. It offers a range of tools and features that assist taxi companies, fleet owners, or individual drivers in effectively overseeing their operations, enhancing customer service, and boosting overall productivity.
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Build a Taxi Booking Solution
Explore the advantages of a premium taxi booking solution provider, and gain access to white-labeled applications and an administrative website. Customize the cab booking and driver experience using robust and scalable technologies specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of your on-demand business.
orange arrow Vehicle management
orange arrow Ride assignment
orange arrow Driver profile management
Taxi Booking System
feature arrow Ride booking system
feature arrow Two-tap booking
feature arrow Fare estimates
feature arrow Multi locations
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Admin Portal With our advanced solution using Dashcams, you can easily keep track of drivers that are being assigned to specific vehicles through live streaming. You will get the alerts whenever any event occurs i.e driver using phone or smoking alert.
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Live location/video
feature arrow Real-time GPS Tracking
feature arrow Map Display
feature arrow ETA Calculation
feature arrow Geofencing and Zone Management
feature arrow Alerts and Notifications
Historical video/location
feature arrow Ride history management
feature arrow Location tracking
feature arrow Asset tracking
Alarm and Notification System
feature arrow Alarm in speeding/accident/fatigue driving
feature arrow Alarm in and out of a Geofenced area
feature arrow Automatic email and text message notifications when there is a glitch
Geofence Management
feature arrow Easily draw the area of ​​the geographical space
feature arrow With each vehicle movement, the system checks if any of the vehicles exited outside the geographical fence within which movement is permitted
feature arrow When a vehicle exits outside the geographical fence specified for it, the system shows alerts on the map indicating the existence of a violation that has been recorded
Why this solution? Our solution provides an intuitive and user-friendly Admin Panel, giving you full control over your car rental operations. From managing vehicle inventory to tracking reservations and generating insightful reports, our Admin Panel streamlines your management processes, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your rental business.