Standard Tracking Solutions TRACKING serves not only as a simple tool to track your fleet online, but it can also be a lifesaver in critical situations. The devices that are integrated with our systems can ensure the tracking of not only vehicles but almost any object. Our standard tracking solutions have the following features.
orange arrow Live location with all related sensors data.
orange arrow Trip history with playback capability.
orange arrow Identification of cost-reducing factors.
orange arrow Data-driven and customer-centric
orange arrow Keep notified of driver behavior through alerts.
orange arrow Geofence management to specific vehicles.
orange arrow Keep records of vehicle activity for up to 30 days.
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Elevate Your Business with Smart Tracking
With our tracking solution, you will have access to the admin portal along with that you can have multiple users with specific allocated assets, allowing you to have customized roles depending upon your desire. To have better accessibility, you will have a mobile application as well through which you will be able to access your vehicle tracking remotely.
orange arrow Live location of vehicle along with other data from tracker.
orange arrow History play of vehicle of previous 3 months.
orange arrow Intensity of fleet’s track areas on map.
orange arrow Live location of multiple vehicles on separate maps on same screen.
orange arrow All reports related to fleet, sensors & alerts in exportable format
orange arrow Different graphs in exportable format.
orange arrow Remotely turn on/off ignition through portal & app.
orange arrow Different rules creation with notification by emails & Push notifications for alerts .
orange arrow specific areas can be defined for vehicles.
Live Tracking
orange arrow Display current location of vehicles on the map .
orange arrow Different colors shows differents statues of vehicles: Yellow: Idling Green: Moving Red: Ignition Off Gray: Not Reporting.
orange arrow Along with current location on map, other information i.e driver, asset name, speed , odometer reading will be visible too.
orange arrow For moving vehicles, user will be able to see the path of vehicles.
orange arrow All set alerts i.e Over speeding, ignition on/off, harsh braking etc can be seen with time & date as pop ups
orange arrow Immobilizing & demobilizing the vehicle by sending command.
History Tracking
orange arrow Can view the movement of path step by step for any specific time period while enabling the user to speed up or slow down the movement.
orange arrow View total mileage.
orange arrow View the list of violations during the specified period.
orange arrow Time display when pointing at any point in the path.
orange arrow View the address when marking any point in the path.
Map Start
orange arrow Shows the areas visited by vehicle on map.
orange arrow Green shows the areas which are visited less by vehicle.
orange arrow Red shows the areas which are often visited by vehicle.
orange arrow Different reports related to vehicle, driver and trips.
orange arrow Exportable reports in different formats (Excel,CSV,XML,PDF) .
orange arrow User can email the report to the owner of the account.
orange arrow Different graphs in horizontal & vertical views.
orange arrow Can download each graph.
Theft Control
orange arrow Remotely turning on the engine through portal or mobile app.
orange arrow Remotely turning off the engine through portal or mobile app.
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