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Advance Tracking Solutions
TRACKING provides advanced tracking solutions apart from basic tracking that includes weight monitoring, temperature & humidity monitoring, and fuel management. We also provide RFID capability that allows only specific drivers to access the vehicles. Our advanced tracking solutions have the following features.
feature arrow Weight Monitoring.
feature arrow Temperature & Humidity Monitoring.
feature arrow RFID functionality.
feature arrow User control with roles.
feature arrow MDVRs for live video & driver behavior alerts.
feature arrow ETA solution for vehicles of specific trip.
With our advanced Tracking solutions, you can monitor the temperature and humidity of your cold storage. With weight monitoring, we facilitate customers who have good transportation to help them keep track of their good weights. With MDVR services, you can easily track driver activities through live monitoring.
Elevate Your Business
feature arrow Live location of the vehicle along with other data from the tracker.
feature arrow All heavy fleets are equipped with weight sensors to seamlessly monitor weight.
feature arrow To keep track of door movement of vehicles & cold storage.
feature arrow RFID tags are provided to drivers that will help them access vehicles by scanning them with installed RFID scanners.
feature arrow Specific roles for users to control its access.
feature arrow Cameras to be installed within vehicles to monitor driver activities.
feature arrow To have estimated time of arrival for assigned trips for vehicles.
feature arrow Cameras to be installed within vehicles to monitor driver activities.
Weight Monitoring Display weight readings on live tracking. Display of weight reading on live tracking report. Interlocked with the main lift controls, our solution will physically prevent overloading decks (within preset parameters). Our solution allows you to ensure a safe load distribution (keeping the center of gravity within safe boundaries) and guarantees that maximum overall payload is not exceeded. Seamlessly measures payload during the loading cycle of double-deck trailers.
Temperature & humidity Monitoring Display temperature & humidity readings on live tracking. Display of temperature & humidity readings on live tracking report. A rule for a specific range of temperature & humidity. Customer notifies through email & desktop notification whenever temperature & humidity crosses the set limit.
Door sensor & buzzer attachment Door sensor that detect the opening/closing to door of fleet. Panic buttons are attached instead of the fleet for drivers to indicate emergency events. Related buzzer & door alerts are generated as emails & desktop notifications.
RFID Functionality
feature arrow Driver identification & authentication using RFID cards.
feature arrow Access control of driver to vehicles using RFID cards.
feature arrow RFID technology is integrated with ignition control of vehicles.
feature arrow Automated data logging and tracking of drivers.
User control with roles Customized role with desired screens. Can create sub users with different specific roles. Gives you the feature to control access of your sub users.
feature arrow Station creation for vehicles.
feature arrow Specific route creation using multiple stations.
feature arrow Live ETA monitoring on screen installed in buses.
ETA Solution
MDVRs for live video & driver behavior alerts Live videos of driver & vehicle through installed MDVRs. Live video alerts of driver behavior i.e using phone or smoking. Mobile V-app to access live videos of MDVRs.
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