Standard Tracking Solution Standard vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
TRACKING serves not only as a simple tool to track your fleet online, but it can also be a lifesaver in critical situations. The devices that are integrated with our systems can ensure the tracking of not only vehicles but almost any object.
Trip history with playback capability.
Identification of cost-reducing factors.
Records hours worked and hours spent behind the wheel.
Keep records of vehicle activity for up to 30 days.
Data-driven and customer-centric.
Regular Features Real-time location updates of each & every vehicle in your entire fleet. Adapt quickly, and make smart and intelligent decisions based on live information provided by our Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution.
For Corporate Clients Full control of tracking and tracing the entire fleet’s movement with ease. Pre-set Alerts for specified actions. Alarms for speed violations, excess idling, ignition ON & OFF status, trip start, trip end, and much more.
Advanced Features Alerts for entry in allowed/not allowed zones. Ability to trace all employee assignments. Instant access to important vehicle information including speed, fuel consumption, etc. Updates on driving behavior information such as Harsh braking & Harsh Acceleration.
Why Our vastly experienced team of Developers, Analysts, and Solution teams are committed, passionate, and willing to be different and ready to provide tailor-made solutions to match any type of customer requirement.