School Tracking School tracking with safety and connectivity.
TRACKING serves not only as a simple tool to track objects online, but it can also be a lifesaver. The devices that are integrated with our systems ensure tracking of not only vehicles, but almost any object. Be it tracking of children or school buses, our services are very broadly designed to capture and serve all aspects that need to be considered.
Generating bus schedules with one click using AI.
Mitigates human planning errors.
Allows for manual adjustments in generated schedules.
Live tracking of bus and students on their way.
School tracking is data-driven and easy to use.
Operations Safety Our school tracking solution allows you to track busses and their locations while also keeping a track of all the students who entered and left the bus. Our solutions also enable you to receive live alerts for any anomaly while also giving live camera feeds.
Connected Parents With our app, provided with the solution, parents will be able to monitor and track their children getting on and off the bus, and the respective locations where they did so. They will also get alerts for the departure and arrival of school busses.
Driver App With our solution, drivers will be able to check their itineraries, view student details, go through their schedules, and get live feeds for traffic situation on their route.
Analytics Get several reports generated by our solutions, reports such as key performance reports. You will also get a dashboard that will provide a holistic view of all that our solutions record and keep track of.
Why Our vastly experienced team of Developers, Analysts, and Solution teams are committed, passionate, and willing to be different and ready to provide tailor-made solutions to match any type of customer requirement.