about Us Tracking is a regional-based Technology company focusing mainly on the Transport industry to equip them with all technological tools & equipment. Global Tracking Solutions is our flagship brand available on IOS & Android Stores. Tracking is offering new-generation Fleet Tracking and Management Solutions with the concept of Global Products & Local Solutions. We have recently incorporated IOT Devices which will now offer many various forms of latest tracking to our industry.
Our Vision The precise corporate vision of Tracking is to become one of the performance management leaders locally, regionally, and internationally and to have one of the world’s best platforms IoT market. Our target markets in the foreseeable future; with globalizing partnerships and strategic alliances. We are focused to upgrade systems around and add up different management solutions.
MEET OUR CEO Mr. Asim Jamil Only in the last 3 months, Mr. Asim Jamil has transformed the company and restructured the whole structure. His experience and personal interests focus on corporate-level strategy and the links between strategy and organizational design. As a Business Consultant & Advisory Board Member to various startups, Mr. Asim Jamil enables them to reform their business models and get connected to the right growth network. Prior to his current assignment, Mr. Asim served as COO in Saudi Fast Corporation; one of the leading companies in Logistics serving Blue Chip Companies and transforming them into technology. Asim Jamil is a battle-tested Chief Operating Officer with a proven track record of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in negotiation, operations management, procurement, international business, and business development. Asim Jamil is an industry leader through and through. He took over as co-Founder & CEO in October 2020 and transformed the whole company vision from Tracking to IoT. Thanks to his vision, the whole structure was modernized. His negotiation, operation management, procurement, international business, and business development skills have made TRACKING an industry leader. We got Angel Investment worth SR. 1 Million from Mr. Ali Rajhi. In the past 3 months only, Tracking partnered up with; ELM – Bazy Group –PetroApp – Tendered UAE – Mobil Saudi – Dukan – Point Matrix. For the first time in Saudi Arabia, We partnered with Chinese technology for buying out the IP rights and local manufacturing of the tracking devices. New Solutions like Fuel Tracking, School Tracking, Waste Management Tracking and Used Oil Tracking were incorporated among other offerings. For the first time in Saudi Arabia, Tracking signed off with a local manufacturing facility for local hardware production. By the end of 2022, We have Entered into monshaat Govt supporting organization for SMEs and startups. CHEERS TO A NEW BEGINNING!
PTA & SFDA APPROVED All of Tracking’s solutions are PTA Approved. Public Transport Authority (PTA) announced, "It will be mandatory to install tracking devices with weight sensors in all kinds of Trucks all over the Kingdom.” Global Tracking Solutions is the flagship brand owned by Cold Solutions Ltd. The company is headquartered in Jeddah with regional offices in Riyadh, Jizan, and Dammam. Global Tracking Solutions is one of the specialized companies for Telematics solutions offering the most advanced Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions. Cold Solutions Ltd Co. has received PTA approval as an approved tracking Service Provider for PTA Trucks Weighing Solutions.

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